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Off The Wall Cat Furniture by Burdworks
Perhaps the most logical cat furniture
or cat tree you can get your paws on...


Corner Suite (1986)

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S & T-Models R Model Balcony

A dynamic cat tree


KatWALLks vis-à-vis conventional cat furniture

KatWALLks cat furniture and its conventional counterparts (cat trees, cat towers, cat condos, cat perches, and cat climbing posts, for example) are of course designed to provide height, foster exercise, and act as scratching posts. But unlike regular cat furniture, KatWALLks vastly enlarges your cat's world without using one inch of actual living space!

In fact, it doesn't take very many KatWALLks to create a "bigger," more catlike environment than provided by massive traditional models. And unlike a strictly vertical structure composed of isolated perches, KatWALLks allow cats to walk to their favorite high place. Which of course means they don't have to jump back down.

Please note: While we don’t really mind that our cat furniture is sometimes called catwalks, cat walks, cat walkways, katwalks, or even cat shelves, for example, its proper name is “KatWALLks” (one word, two Ls) for the very reason that it is A Walk on the Wall side.

Why KatWallks?

KatWallks are Made to order in the USA.

   This means you can rest assured knowing that you have chosen a safe product for your pet constructed of superior materials and with a higher level of craftsmanship than you might find in a cheap off-the-shelf product.

Because our Katwallks are made to your specifications, you have the ability to tailor your purchase to fit your décor and your cat's needs. You may choose between a dozen carpet colors and three different hardware finishes and while we do have standard sizes for Katwallks, we are also able to make custom lengths if your situation requires. This versatility will let you design an environment which is not only aesthetically pleasing but will provide many hours and years of safe, healthy exercise for your pet, and enjoyment for you both!

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Customer photos

Angie's Abigail

 Carrie's Nikki

Kay's Ollie & George

Lorraine's Gabriel
More customer photos on our  "KatWALLk of Fame"

KatWALLks goes on all wall types and mounting in wall studs is NOT necessary.
All necessary hardware and helpful setup guide is provided
See also FAQs, below


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To order or for more info any day of the week
Call toll-free 1-877-644-1615
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Q: "What’s the difference between the S- and R-model? While the S is fully carpeted and has decorative metal endplates, the R is instead partly made with oak (which, besides requiring more labor, accounts for its higher price). Otherwise, the two are functionally and qualitatively alike. Which means that the S, while costing less than the R, is by no means inferior. It just depends on which model is more appealing to you. We thought you’d like a choice.

Q: Will KatWALLks hold my 20-pound cat? Easily. In fact, when testing for sturdiness, we weren’t concerned so much with the modest weight of Felis Domesticus as with the greater mass of young, budding Tarzans, who may be on the loose. We therefore started with 50 pounds and then successfully tested heavier loads.

Q: What's a good way to plan an arrangement? To visualize the design you have in mind, as well as to determine the number of units to get, use 24- and/or 30-inch strips of tape, the length of our standard models (we can make longer or shorter ones if necessary).

Q: Do I have to find wall studs? No. The tests alluded to above were carried out on a drywall-mounted wallkway, for which we deliberately avoided wall studs.

Q: What size are the drill holes? They are only 3/16-inch, or about the size of this oh: O. Which means that if necessary they can be easily and quickly filled with a small amount of spackling.

Q: What kind of hardware will I need to buy? None. We provide all that you’ll need, including anchors and proper drill- and screwdriver-bit. A pictorial setup guide is also supplied.

Q: What is the recommended angle for sloping? Even though KatWALLks’ swivel-like mounting brackets allow placement at any angle, consider limiting sections to no more than 30-degrees (i.e., one-third from horizontal to vertical). These can be used by most cats, even if declawed, for “wallking” up and, more importantly, back down.

Q: Can you make longer than "standard" lengths? Yes. We’ve made them longer in order to, for example, span ceiling-high windows and passageways.

Q: If later I want to add more KatWALLks, can I get the same carpet color? If not too much time has elapsed between orders, probably. In any case, we will match the original color as closely as possible.

Q: Will KatWALLks keep my cats from scratching our furniture? Who knows? Happily, one of our cats does her nails exclusively on KatWALLks, the other hasn’t got the message, yet.

Q: What do you mean by "catty-cornered"? A section mounted across a corner. Besides this picture, the top two photos on this page show examples.


Q: How long will it take to get my KatWALLks? Because KatWallks are a customized product built to your specifications, please allow up to 6 to 9 weeks for production and delivery. If we can get them to you sooner, we will. Domestic orders will receive an email notification with tracking info when your order ships.

Q: How do I pay for Katwallks? Katwallks is now accepting payment from all major credit cards or your linked bank account Via the  payment system

Shipping: Unless requested otherwise, shipping will be UPS ground.

Visa   MasterCard
New, unused KatWALLks may be returned
within 30 days for refund of the full product price.

(Special or custom-made orders excluded, of course)


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