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  KatWALLk of Fame
Customer Photos

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Kristen: "Love the Katwallks :)  Kitties are so happy.  Would like to order 2 more-"
Ann: "Thanks for a wonderful product - the quality and workmanship is beautiful." 
Anne & Brian: "Anya and Kiska treasure their KatWALLks!  They now have a new favorite place to climb, play and escape together.  And as you can see, they easily hold the weight of both of our 13 lb cats.  Thanks from our two Siberian Sisters."
Melinda:   My (9) cats love these things.


Lisa:  I just wanted to thank you so much. This is a wonderful product. My cats were on the KatWallks before I even finished putting them up. They have spent all of their waking hours playing with each other from different ledges.    

And the winner is.......




For most enthusiastic use of a KatWallk!






   The cats are having great fun with them, and we are having fun watching them.

Paul & Sharon:

Paul and I agree that these are
the best looking and best made products available. Thank you from
all of us; Sharon, Paul, Seth, Bastet, and Lahna
Tammy: Christie and Elaina LOVE their toys. We just ordered five more for our apartment! Since our cats stay in-doors, it is a great way for the babies to get good exercise. Thank you KatWALKs for your fabulous product!

Christine: "Having 6 cats required some type of extracurricular activity to keep them happy.... thank you Katwallks! Our cats fly up & down them constantly and have turned into quite the acrobats! What an ingenious toy for our babies! - Sincerely, Hudson, Ella, Dugan, Tessa, Stan, & Oliver"


Teresa: "My Ragdolls, Sohni & Misha (kitten), love their KatWALLks, and they say thank you!



Karen and Pat: "Our kitties, Mia (gray), Cisco (orange), and Taco (orange & white), love their new KatWALLks--they now have their special turf where mom and dad aren't allowed. The KatWALLks are of the finest quality workmanship and with the color selection you can easily match any decor. On top of that, we were so pleased with your personal caring and attention to our order. I'm already thinking about which room I want to add KatWALLks in next."



Paul & Sharon, parents of Bastet, Lahna and Seth: “Thanks for the careful attention to detail and fantastic service. The KatWALLks were in use within minutes of installation."


Gary: "Our KatWALLks were readily adopted by Bengal siblings Simone and Nikita (with some initial follow-the-cat-treat-trail encouragement). Anytime I look for one of the kidz and don't immediately see them, I've now learned to check both of the balcony areas which is where they are likely to be cat-napping. They really enjoy the vertical travel, and more ways to be up high. Only problem so far is when they jump down from the horizontal R-model part just above the bed, and land on my stomach while I'm sleeping under the covers! Fabulous product, great customer service, looking forward to years of use. Many many thanks!” More pix: http://www.lightwriter.net/katwallks/


Laurel: “The problem of how our cats would get up to the central beam 
of our open beam ceiling (a future long catwalk) was solved the moment 
we learned about KatWALLks. 
We weren't sure they'd be happy 12 ft. up until their new
KatWALLks were installed.  Now there's no doubt that this was the perfect
solution. They carefully measured the gaps between as they backed down, at
first, but NOW they  ZOOM up and down and even crawl under each other to
pass going in opposite directions. We just received our 2nd order
yesterday, and I'm quite sure it won't be the last! We may just keep adding
on until Gingko (Burmese), Bingo (Bengal) and Nuptse (Tonk) 
can go anywhere in the house without coming down!”



Kathleen: “Cleo and Farah are very excited whenever they use the wall -- eyes popped, tails switching wildly. I had a small space to work with so my angles are steeper than either I or the cats would prefer, but they manage.”




Cristiano and Stafania: "News from Magichefusa. It's wonderfull! Thank you"

Their beautiful Italian website:



Jonathan: "Pella is a big girl, but has no trouble climbing and playing on the KatWALLks."



Carrie & Barry: "Our KatWALLks arrived and we have installed two of the four! They are GREAT! The cats loved them instantly! And the older kitty can get up on both bookcases and loves it! Thanks for your good service!"



Dee and Dennis: "Nani and Kika are having a great time and say 'Mahalo' for their new toy."

Nani & Kika


Lesia's Aleyx (left) and Hunter: "We absolutely love our KatWALLks."



"I installed KatWALLks in the very coveted place above my laptop and printer. They seem to be helping the situation with the 5 cats, letting them spread out vertically a bit more, thus easing some of the tension. And they have the added benefit of distracting them from wanting to "help" Mom when she's working at her laptop, too. They're good little helpers, but not very good spellers. Now, they just prefer to hover over me. Thank you so much. You are great to do business with, and have an exceptional product."



Shannon: "My cats are strange and I thought I was going to be the only one enjoying the KatWALLk, but after three days, they relaxed and started jumping and lying on them like they’ve always been there. I’m very happy I have them and I know they enjoy them as well."



Cheryl: "Adding the second balcony and more KatWALLks has added to all three Maus (Yaji, Kai, and Loki) enjoyment of their playground. They love them and I discovered that installing the KatWALLks at different levels on the same wall makes for lots more fun and games. So far I have not been able to get a picture that includes all 3 of the cats at the same time as they are too fast when all are up there playing. I love the KatWALLks too as it keeps all those paws out of my quilting projects, at least most of the time anyway!"



Lisa: "My 3 indoor cats and I love KatWALLks.  The cats used to get easily bored, but not anymore! They also used to scratch up my furniture, but they now use the KatWALLks instead.  I am very impressed with the high quality of the KatWALLks and after many months they still look new.  I just ordered more and my cats and I can hardly wait for their arrival."



Anne Marie & Tim: "Lucca and Vivi definitely have honed their balance and play-fight skills on the Katwallks!! While we are doing our morning Yoga or Pilates tapes, they are racing after each other! Now we all exercise in the same room."


Saki & Zoey

Christine: "I received my KatWALLks today, they are great!!"



Annie & Sydney

Becky: "They love them...and great entertainment for me. Thanks for a great product."




Barbara: "The white cat is Spanky, and the other is Schatzie. They love their KatWALLks. Thank you for doing such a great job on my order. I can honestly say I have never been more pleased with a sight unseen, online order!"



Mike: "I received my order and I am very, very happy with it. The screws/anchors are holding up great and Millie and Callie dig their new KatWALLks."


Corinne & Ron: "Thank you so very much for your high quality craftsmanship! Our kitties LOVE the KatWALLks and the balcony.  The balcony is so darling! Ron was extremely impressed with not only the quality of work...but, he loved the hardware too! I woke up this morning, found one kitty sleeping away on the balcony and another sleeping on the highest KatWALLk in the other room! They are loving it!!  I love that it gives them more exercise too!"


Nancy: “Thanks so much for the KatWALLks...as you can see, my daughter and her ‘crew’ (from left to right: Mickey, Millie, Annie, and Chip), really enjoy them.”



Brad & Eurlyne: "Here are a couple pictures of our little Anna trying it out for the first time. She loves it. She now has another window to look out."


Tao crossing her bridge

Shannon: "Hey you guys - my cat finally started using her KatWALLks. She loves them now that she's used to them.  I've included a few PICS for you. Thanks for all of your help - we love our wallks!



Little Slick

Chris & Keri: "Here's Little Slick at 8 months old, enjoying his KatWALLks. Contrary to this picture, he actually runs up and down them quite often.  We learned that planning and positioning the KatWALLks was very important before you put them up. KatWALLks seem to fulfill an emotional need for him - he is more confident and less nervous when he is on them, and he greets strangers at eye level, rather than by staring at their shoes.  Thanks for such a great product!"


Ferris & Bud

Cathy C: "Living in a small condo means my kitties don't have a lot of space to play. KatWALLks saves space while allowing my cats the freedom to play and explore in fun ways. They love to chase each other along the KatWALLks and Ferris will even climb up high and just sleep. Extremely easy to install and maintain, KatWALLks were a great addition to my cat-friendly household!"



Paula: “The KatWALLks are so strong and sturdy that they can handle the weight of my ‘chubby’ felines just fine. I want to compliment you on the fine workmanship, the wood is beautifully finished. I also appreciate how you enclosed the correct size drill bit and level along with the screw anchors, etc. Installation was not difficult; deciding on the lay-out was! But I guess I did OK, my cats sure seem to think so. Thank you for making such a unique and beautiful product.”


Ocicats Teo & Ty

Nancy & Steve: "An excellent idea superbly hand-crafted!  All of our cats love to climb, chase, play, sleep, etc. on our KatWALLks and we love how esthetic they look. Our highest recommendation to George and KatWALLks!"


Teo on corner perch


Lynette and her Wisker Wuv Burmese Cattery...
"My cats love KatWALLks, which fulfill their needs for climbing and lofty outlooks. And as a Burmese cat breeder, my tough criteria for cat furniture to be safe, durable and serviceable all have been met by KatWALLks. I plan in the future to purchase more as the need arises."



Sabrina: "KatWALLks are great. We love them, all of us, cats and humans. Thanks, I'm so glad I found your website."


Malik, the Bengal


KatWALLks are not
just for fun anymore...


Madelyn: "Wanted to let you know the double-decker and the catwalk are in and they look great!!!  The kitties walked on them right away (with a bit of help with catnip). Thanks for the great job you did!!! Our carpenter was impressed with both pieces and he is a cat lover."

Miranda & Rainbow


Cathy H: "I'm amazed every day at how much exercise Guga, Itsy Bit, Marmalade, and P-nut get just running along the walls. It makes my having to keep them indoors so much easier. I just can't thank you enough for providing such a wonderful product."


Zero & eBay

Linda: "eBay has invented a new game that involves tossing something onto the KatWallk. He watches where it goes then figures out how to get to it. He goes to the perch and swats the toy right back at you then waits for the next toss.


Thor & eBay


Matthias: "My apartment is rather small and doesn't really give my cats enough room to run around. Putting up KatWALLks was like adding a whole new room for them, and they use them constantly."


Cassie & Foo


Karen: "My cats love their KatWALLks."



Pat: "A sign in my kitchen says 'La Vita E Bella,' which means life is good, and my cats couldn't agree more. The cats love their KatWALLks and so do I."




Jim & Linda:
"Our cats love high places and now that they have found this new place we can't keep them off. It is great and they really enjoy themselves on them."